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Game: History Game Canada
Publisher: Bitcasters
Developer: Bitcasters
Release: 2010
Genre: strategy, serious
Perspective: isometric
Audience: school
Subject: history
Grade(s): high school
Platform: PC
Cost: free to play

The History Game Canada is a mod pack for Civ3 Conquest v1.22 and Civ3 Complete that is based on the History of Canada. It is intended as a playable fun addition to the Civilization game with a wealth of custom Canadian content. It’s very much a game of 'What if ? '; where players can toy with outcomes, now etched in history, but once hanging in the balance. It explores the parameters of history rather than the events, and allows players to live questions like … ”What if the Huron had displaced the 5 Nations Confederacy rather than the other way around?”; or “What if the French had retained Canada, and the English colonies to the East and South had failed to prosper?”


Provide a summary of the review and the overall rating, out of 100.

Overall Rating:

Category Element score max.
Game Overview ~~=r2c3+r3c3+r4c3~~ 20
Gameplay 10
Art & Audio 10
Teacher Support 20
Guides 5
Resources 5
Community 5
Operation 5
Educational Content 20
Accuracy 5
Objectives 10
Integration 5
Magic Bullet Rating 20
Instructional Ethology Rating 20
Interaction 5
Goal Support 5
Flow 5
Evolution 5
Total 100

Not Scored

What instructional strategies does it use?

There's a great list <HERE> (Kelly Jo Rowan) and <HERE> (Saskatoon Public Schools)

Each of the following elements are rated according to the scale below:

Most should include a brief explanation if possible.

score = ?? out of a possible 25
= ??%


Originality Shows original thought. Ideas are creative and inventive. The genre is recognizable and the game follows accepted norms. ~OR~ Has new take on known genre, displays particular insights. (IOW Shows understanding of standard gameplay and does not go against conventions. This is important because the goal of the game is educational rather than entertainment only.)
Content Covers game in-depth with details and rich game environments. Well designed game, great usage of game play options and objects. Advanced behaviors and interaction described for all characters, vehicles or other game elements.
Description of game play. Content description (documentation) is well organized using headings or bulleted lists to group related material. I can see how the game will play. (This forms part of the instructional support.)
Game Mechanics. The controls are logical and easy to use. Each 'level' fits the overall style of the game.
Game Progression. The transitions between levels (which need not be traditional levels) go from from simple to challenging and are smooth and appropriate for the game.

score = ?? out of a possible 20


Overall Visually Attractive. Makes me want to try the game. Seems to be appropriate for the game.
Set & Settings. Seems to be appropriate for the game. Appealing. Distinctive. Sufficient variety. Original or appropriate.
Characters & Costumes. Seems to be appropriate for the game. Appealing. Distinctive. Sufficient variety. Original or appropriate.
Audio seems to be appropriate for the game. Appealing. Distinctive. Sufficient variety. Original composition or appropriately credited.

score = ?? out of a possible 20


Teacher's guide exists and is easy to find. It is clear how to use this game.
Supplementary resources for teachers (background, how to use, sample 'lessons', where to get help) exist, and are both complete and readable.
A community exists where teachers can go for help, support, to share. It is clearly identified and easy to find.
Any require special permissions/skills to install or run are clearly identified. Installation and execution processes are clearly identified and easy to read and follow.

score = ?? out of a possible 20


How well does it deliver on its educational objectives?

The game contains accurate information.
It appears to meet the educational objectives.
Required learning in the game includes the educational objectives.

This section provides general assessment and review of the educational content of the game.

  • Accuracy Even though no game can be completely accurate, it is crucial that all of the facts associated with the learning objectives be correct, and that the needed concepts and principles are clear. There should be nothing here that is misleading.
  • Meets Objectives It is not possible to guarantee that any particular objective will be met in an educational object like this, but it is possible to assess whether or not it provides the necessary 'raw materials'.
  • Integration of Must Learn Objectives In a serious game it is essential that the desired learning outcomes be part of the required interactions of the game. It should not be possible to get through by brute force or by random chance. It should not be possible to get through the game while ignoring the learning objectives.

Where possible, links to studies using this game in educational settings are listed and studies cited.

score = ?? out of a possible 5


For an explanation, see: Magic Bullet Assessment

score = ?? out of a possible 20
= ??%


For an explanation, see: Instructional Ethology

Interaction (Causation)

[How does it work?] What player or other actions elicit the response, and how is it modified by changes in input?

Support / Function / Purpose

[What is it for?] How does the behaviour of the game help it to ‘succeed’ in the goal of helping players get through to the end?

Game Ontogeny (Development, or Flow)

[How does it develop (change) during play?] How does the game's behaviour change as players advance (as from level to level), and what changes in the player are needed for the behaviour to be modified?

Classification / Evolution

[How did it evolve?] How does the game’s behaviour compare with other games in the same genre and how is it related to other genres?

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