Game-Based Learning vs Game Pedagogy

Digital game-based learning (DGBL) is often defined as including everything that has to do with teaching and learning using games, but the use of games for learning should really be viewed from at least two positions. One is the perspective of the learner, which considers how people learn from games, and the other is the perspective of the teacher, which looks at how we can teach with games. In this book we define digital game-based learning as referring to the first perspective, while the second is called digital game pedagogy(DGP). Like the philosophical Yin-Yang concept, game-based learning and pedagogy are inter-related and complementary, but at the same time the theoretical underpinnings are different: one (DGBL) grows out of learning theories while the other (DGP) is influenced by instructional design theories. There is some overlap, but this book will examine both separately as far as is possible.


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