7 Ways to Use Games in the Classroom

There are many ways to use games in the classroom. Games can be used as:

  1. Content - The content of the game directly addresses some curricular need.
  2. Example - In this case the game is being used as an example of or an artifact that supports what is being taught.
  3. Inspiration - Games can be used as inspiration for creative writing, for construction, as examples of scenarios, or as role models.
  4. Art - Some games have a unique artistic style that is worth studying.
  5. Medium - This is the constructionist approach to learning by making a game about the topic or concept being taught.
  6. Literature - Games can offer unique perspectives on narrative and some can be studied as literature.
  7. Environment - Sometimes a game can provide an environment for some activity or part of a lesson, even if it does not address the curricular needs directly.

I'm almost done with the final draft of my book and it includes a number of lists:

  • 20 Learning Theories Embodied in Games
  • 15 Instructional Theories Embodied in Games
  • 12 Instructional Design Models For Using Games in the Classroom
  • 15 Ways to Use Games in the Classroom
  • 101 Instructional Strategies for Use with Games

The book provides much more detail than the list above, but I will be offering sneak peeks of some of these lists over the next few months. Of course you'll have to wait for the book to get all of them.

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